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Experts in

  • Underground Asset Management
  • High pressure water jetting
  • CCTV camera inspection
  • Bore camera inspection
  • Wincan reporting
  • Vacuum and hydro excavation

Hello and Welcome to Pipeline Group!

Pipeline imaging specialises in the digital imaging of underground pipeline services. We are also able to provide water jetting, underground service location and above ground mapping to add to our list of services to provide our customers with a comprehensive problem solving package.

Underground Pipeline Servicing is ideal for:
  • Asset Management of underground pipeline
  • Quality control of completed works or repairs to existing pipelines
  • Independent auditing with high quality, high resolution imaging


5 reasons to call us:

  • We have been operating locally for 20 years
  • Proven track record with local authorities
  • Reliable and always on time
  • Family owned and run
  • The latest equipment and technology


Partnering Companies