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Asset Management

Urban and regional areas depend on a reliable infrastructure of underground assets such as bores, manholes, sewers, stormwater drainage systems and water supply pipelines. These assets must be managed for a life cycle or more. Now and in future years, authorities will have to adapt to changing regulatory requirements, limited funding, increased populations, and capital repair/replacement programs resulting from an always aging infrastructure.

Pipeline Group provides strategies and cost effective methods for the collection of the data needed to manage your community’s assets by using state of the art software WINCAN V8 as part of the data collection process. Our staff are trained in the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) coding system which allows us to survey and score the asset. GIS data and WINCAN data can be integrated if required. Data is provided to the end user in an easy to use data base and viewable in Windows Media Player (WINCAN viewer). Reports are easily printed.


Need to inspect a borehole? Not a problem with Pipeline Group’s R-Cam1000. The R-Cam1000 is a portable, dual-view borehole camera system with automated control for either downhole or side-view profile. The side-view lens includes 360 degree rotation with no external moving parts. This camera has effective survey capabilities for 75mm through to 300mm diameters to a depth of 330 metres. Still images and video footage of bore inspection are supplied to the customer in a digital format.


Pipeline Group has a wide range of high pressure water jetters. From vehicle mounted small bore applications to trailer mounted units right up to large truck mounted units capable of jetting any demanding application, ideal for any size municipality, water and sewer district, or to clean stormwater drains, catch basins and/or sewers. All our jetters are fully equipped with a wide assortment of nozzles, saws and attachments to get through the toughest situations.

Hydro Excavation/Non Destructive Digging

Pipeline Group’s Jet-Vac unit is capable of non destructive digging NDD, with, or without the assistance of water. This form of excavating allows the operator to remove large quantities of fill with little to no disruption to the surrounding area.
Ideal in scenarios where other services (such as optic fibre, high pressure gas, power, drainage, water mains, etc) are present, this form of excavating literally removes the fill by vacuuming it away. High pressure water is often used to break up the ground which is then removed by vacuum. Hydro excavation is rapidly becoming the application of choice because of its fast results and low damage risk to other services.

Vacuum Loading

Pipeline Group’s Jet-Vac unit is capable of cleaning and desludging various structures including pits and pump wells. The unit is fitted with a 200mm vacuum hose and tubes capable of removing large debris without blockages. Pipeline Group has successfully cleaned structures with depths in excess of 18 metres.

Push Camera

When it comes to small bore drains, there are few cameras that compare when it comes to reliability and quality of picture. Pipeline Group rely on the Ridged push cameras for small bore applications. Anything from 100mm sewer pipes right down to 25mm pressure pipes, Pipeline Group has the right camera for any application. All stills and video can be provided to the client in digital format.
All the cameras are fitted with sondes for location purposes, any defects found can be quickly pin pointed above ground included the depth of the location.

Tractor Cameras

Pipeline Group has an assortment of tractor systems capable of inspecting pipes from 150mm through to 1500mm in diameter and up to 200 metres in length. All cameras have pan tilt and zoom functions and have an assortment of wheels and light heads for different applications. All units are fitted with an inclination sensor to report back to WINCAN V8. The CCTV units are run off inverters and are capable of running almost silently if required. These tractors are also fitted with sondes for locating purposes.

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