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Urban and regional areas depend on a reliable infrastructure of underground assets such as bores, manholes, sewers, stormwater drainage systems and water supply pipelines. These assets must be managed for a life cycle or more. Now and in future years, authorities will have to adapt to changing regulatory requirements, limited funding, increased populations, and capital repair/replacement programs resulting from an always ageing infrastructure.

Pipeline Group provides strategies and cost effective methods for the collection of the data needed to manage your community’s assets by using state of the art software WINCAN V8 as part of the data collection process. Our staff are trained in the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) coding system which allows us to survey and score the asset. GIS data and WINCAN data can be integrated if required. Data is provided to the end user in an easy to use data base and viewable in Windows Media Player (WINCAN viewer). Reports are easily printed.

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