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well-img.jpgPipeline Group specialises pipeline maintenance i.e. cleaning and inspection of underground assets, Bore Inspection, GPS mapping of assets through to household blockages.

With many different applications, that require varied methods of implementation, Pipeline Group has a vast array of services that enable them to provide a finished product that few companies can.

Pipeline Imaging is a Mildura based business that specialises in pipeline cleaning, inspection and GIS. We have the ability to clean and inspect pipes from 25mm through to 2.5 metres in diameter.

The equipment we use to clean the asset range from van mounted jetters to truck mounted jet-vac units. Our asset inspection equipment ranges from Ridgid Sea Snake push cameras to Ipek Rovver tractor systems with PTZ cameras. The GIS equipment that we use is Topcon with RTK GPS (Real Time Kinematic).

The CCTV survey would be done using Wincan V8. Once the inspection has been completed, the software (Wincan V8) produces a score for the asset. This comprises of two things; First, a serviceably score and secondly, a structural score. The score is a WSAA score (Water Services Association of Australia) this can then be converted in most asset management systems. Wincan also allows you to identify each asset and its defects by size and material etc. and the defects can be identified by type and severity. This software allows us to give the client one data base and a viewer that works with windows media player. The end user can print up reports for each section with the WSAA_05_2008_service and structural score attached. Once this is completed we can link the GIS systems to the Wincan database, for example in MapInfo there are two more buttons in the toolbar that link to the Wincan database.

Depending on what data you have on the system to be inspected, it is possible to import from other data bases in to Wincan. When finished you would be able to do a complete tour of the system including Manholes and gain a good idea of its condition and value. The whole thing is set out in an easy to use data base.

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